• As secular Lotus Sutra based, and Nichiren Shonin inspired Buddhists, with respect for ALL Buddhists, we believe in the following core aspects of Buddhism:
  • Siddartha Gautama Buddha was an enlightened, awakened, wise human being, but a mortal human being, not a supernatural deity or god.

  • We believe in and take refuge in The Three Jewels or Treasures: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

  • We believe in and practice The Four Noble Truths.

  • We believe in and practice The Eightfold Path.

  • We uphold, study, recite, read, and chant The Lotus Sutra as Buddha’s greatest cumulative and final teaching shortly before his death. This sutra explains the path to enlightenment and buddhahood better and in more detail and than any of Buddha’s previous parables, sutras, or teaching in which he employed contextual expedient and skillful means.

  • We aim to chant The Lotus Sutra at least twice per day (gongyo, at least chapters 2 and 16) everyday.
  • We aim to chant daimoku, the title of The Lotus Sutra, Nam(u) Myojo Renge Kyo, at least once per day for a minimum of 15 minutes of focused meditation.
  • We believe the gohonzon as designed and revealed by Nichiren Shonin is a very important symbol of The Lotus Sutra, and revere, honor, and use it as a meditation focus for gongyo, daimoku, and shodai, but we do not believe it is supernatural or confers magical benefits. We believe all gohonzons are equal in importance.
  • While we respect the history and cultures including Buddhists priests, monks, and nuns, and the institution of ordained priesthood and monastic, we do not believe priest, monks,,or nuns hold any special authority over Buddhists, and that they served as organizers, teachers, and advisors only.


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